30-minute Introductory Session | £30

30-minute Introductory Session | £30

Learn how a nutritionist can help you by taking the chance to discuss your dietary or health concerns, to gain a better sense of direction for your requirements.

One-off Dietary Analysis | £40

A 7-day food diary, analysed using specialist software to produce a report detailing any potential nutritional problems and thorough overview of your dietary intake which will then be used to address and improve issues within a 30-minute one-to-one feedback session.

Health Check Clinic | £10 (existing clients) or £20 (non-clients)

Get to know yourself inside out with capillary blood tests (finger prick test) Glucose and Cholesterol and monitor your blood pressure. You’ll have your results in minutes and time to discuss any queries following the results.

90-minute Consultation | £70

Including health screening and dietary assessment with discussion about your health and nutritional goals in order to create a plan which should be both manageable and adaptable, to support you achieving the best outcomes for your health.

30 to 60-minute Follow-up Appointments | £30-£40

In most cases, if you would like advice and support from a nutritionist, you should expect to have at least a monthly follow-up appointment and the suggested number of appointments will independently vary, based on your requirements.

NB: telephone and email support between appointments is ongoing and not limited.