Matchbox Motivation

5th May 2021 Nutrition Creative

Matchbox motivation

Think of your motivation as a matchbox: inside there are matches which are your individual reasons and influences for motivation.
Some of them will break easily and might have to be discarded. This is naturally going to happen and can feel disappointing, but that’s OK because you have others that may be stronger or more helpful.
When you use one of your matches to strike the box – it might take a few attempts to create a spark which is also fine, just keep trying – eventually, the match burns brightly which is similar to how your motivation might feel, when you make a change that you enjoy.
But it will inevitably burn away or get blown out, as motivation alone cannot be maintained long-term. Our drive and goal-setting help us to find a sustainable solution.
When you find a way to convert this flame into a source of lasting light for yourself – this could be perceived as your goal and drive to succeed – it requires nurturing (manageable goals); sheltering (being mindful of our environment); time to grow (duration); action (repetition); and guidance (direction).
Using that match to light a candle – representing a transfer of your drive and actions to a behaviour – is a stable flame that can burn for much longer.
Candles (like our behaviours and how we feel about them) can still blow out due to external or internal factors.
But our matchbox motivation can always draw another match, and eventually relight the same candle, or a new one.