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22nd July 2019
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22nd July 2019 Nutrition Creative

My Research

As a recent graduate, I wanted to be able to share with you one of the many reasons as to why I chose to study a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Human Health, at the University of Suffolk.

I have long been fascinated by the functional properties of food; the ways in which food can help or hinder our bodily processes on a cellular level. My dissertation topic studied the impact of consuming a combined meal of organic natural yogurt and rolled oats on a daily basis for a period of four weeks. I chose to focus my dissertation on vascular health and measured both blood pressure and total cholesterol in 17 participants, each with hypertension and in most cases high total cholesterol.

Results showed that there was a significant reduction in blood pressure by week two of the intervention and a non-significant reduction in total cholesterol. Given the significance of my findings, my supervisor encouraged me to submit my research to the upcoming European nutrition conference led by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies known as the FENS Conference.

I am pleased to report that my abstract has been accepted and I will be presenting my findings during an oral poster presentation session at the FENS Conference in Dublin, Ireland. If you’d like to read the abstract, as it will be published within the programme for the event, there is a link to a PDF version below.

FENS Conference Abstract Submission

I am hugely grateful for the support of my supervisor, Dr Fandi Ibrahim, and very excited to have been given the opportunity to travel and attend the FENS conference later this year. The University of Suffolk and more specifically, those who deliver the course for Nutrition and Human Health, have been so supportive throughout the three years of my degree and I hope to maintain an aspect of research as I develop my practice and a relationship with those providing the course.

If you would like to know more about my research or how a nutritionist may be able to help you achieve your health goals, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page or call 01359 408 011.

Emma Harvey Lawrence
BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Human Health, ANutr (AfN)